What we did and how we did it

·     We decided to inform the public about lethal injection in America and to inspire the public to discuss the issue of lethal injection in America.

·     We decided to reflect on the following three issues of lethal injection:

·     Does lethal injection violate the U.S. Constitution’s Eight Amendment ban on “cruel and unusual punishment”? Why or why not?

·     Is lethal injection humane? Why or why not?

·     Why does American society continue to seek more humane methods of execution?

·     We created a blog website to organize the information and to provide a platform for voting and community discussion

·     We individually took responsibility for different areas of information – issue and importance, history, procedure, practice, abolition, retention, discussion, action, reflection/synthesis – and we each posted our information

·     We each took responsibility for project requirements as they came along (e.g. website, video interviews, status updates, pictures, flyers, Powerpoint presentation, paper, Spanish section)

·     We interviewed abolitionist Bryan McCann from Campaign to End the Death Penalty – Austin and retentionist Nicholas Prelosky from the Young Conservatives of Texas – University Chapter about the above issues of lethal injection; we created a video presentation of the interviews; we uploaded the videos to Vimeo.com; and we posted the video on our blog

·     We surveyed 110 UT students about the issues of lethal injection and posted the results on the blog

·     We synthensized the information from an objective P.O.V.

·     We advertised the blog to generate traffic to the site by campus flyers, Facebook event, emails, phone calls, and direct contact; we encouraged community members to comment and vote about the issue at https://utdeathpenalty.wordpress.com/discussion

·     We summarized and translated the site information into Spanish and encouraged Spanish speakers to respond