Life without parole (LWOP) is the imprisonment of life without the possibility of release. LWOP is offered in most states, except Alaska and New Mexico, as an alternative to the death penalty. Those who are against the death penalty believe that LWOP is a more severe punishment because the convict will have the rest of his life to think of his crime. He will not be able to cause harm to any other individual1. The arguments also mention that the state would save money by punishing with imprisonment rather than death. Arguments against LWOP are that the convict might escape, kill a guard or kill another prisoner and also not get the punishment that they deserve.

LWOP has been said to be death by prison. Those for LWOP, also argue that it still does what the death penalty would do. It keeps society safe from criminals and makes sure that the criminal’s life is spent miserably2. As the death penalty continues to be question, so will life without parole as a new method.


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