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Live - Love - Die

Life, Death, and Time

The death penalty is a controversial issue in America. It is a practice that reflects the belief that the State has the power to end human life for committing a crime. The method of lethal injection in America also remains controversial, as society continues to seek more humane methods of execution. The issue of lethal injection has far-reaching and an important depth because it affects many people and represents the ultimate cost one can pay. A social, moral and emotionally-charged debate around the death penalty and the method of lethal injection remains unresolved in America, and the lethal injection discussion raises many good questions:

1.) Does the lethal injection method violate the Eight Amendment ban on “cruel and unusual punishment”? Why or why not?

2.) Is lethal injection humane? Why or why not?

3.) Why does American society continue to seek more humane methods of execution?

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