Get involved! Here’s how:

  1. Get informed!
  2. Contact your political representative(s)
  3. Contact the pardon and parole board of a prison in your state
  4. Contact an advocacy group
  5. Share your opinion
    1. Write a letter to a news publication
    2. Open up discussion with friends, family and neighbors
    3. Blog
  6. Develop a pen-pal relationship with a death row inmate
  7. Sign petitions
    1. Amnesty International USA – Lethal Injection Petition
    2. Death Penalty Focus – Abolish the Death Penalty Now
    3. The Moratorium Campaign – Moratorium on Death Penalty
  8. Tell your friends, family and neighbors
  9. Start an organization or volunteer for an organization
  10. Hold a public event
    1. Movie showing
    2. Petitioning
    3. Theatre of the Oppressed event
  11. Stay strong!