Terms associated with capital punishment in America:

death penalty or capital punishment: the use of the end of life as a consequence for crime

lethal injection:the use of a fatal amount of drugs for the purpose of causing death

capital crime or capital offense; capital offender: a crime punishable (or historically punishable) by death; a person guilty of such a crime

abolitionist: a person who opposes or wants to abolish the death penalty

retentionist: a person who supports and wants to keep the use of the death penalty

deterrence: the use of the threat of unpleasant consequences (punishment) to persuade would-be offenders not to commit crime

incapacitation: the use of physical means (e.g. leg irons, prison cells, medication) to make it impossible for a person to commit a crime

lex talionis: the principle that a punishment ought to be similar to the crime for which it is imposed (“a life for a life,” “an eye for an eye”)

LWOP: life in prison without the possibility for parole

recidivism: commission of a crime by a person with a previous criminal record

retribution: the imposition of a punishment on a person because it is deserved